Introducing our new Products!

We are pleased to present our new collection and our catalog 2021 with many new kikadu-friends.


New Lion Collection 

Let's go on a Mini-Safari! With our latest toy in cute lion design, we present a collection that reminds with its selected color combination of sunny savannah landscapes in Africa. With great attention to detail and many play surprises for children, this new collection was developed.  
In this short video Silvi and Ginka, the two founders of kikadu, introduce you to our new Lion Collection.

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kikadu Catalogue 2021

Experience the full variety of the kikadu assortment, with inspiring mood photos and all product information.  

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Approx. available from May! 

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Forest Friends Collection

Cuddly companions from
the forest.

Approx. available from April!

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New friends  for Rabbit & Fawn

New items for our favorite

Approx. available from April! 

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Birth Cards

Cards with animal drawings 
of our kikadu-friends.

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kikadu is a young and ecological children's brand that was born out of the vision to establish sustainable, but also fair and socially produced toys and accessories as the new norm. 


At the heart of everything we do is a deep responsibility for our planet. We believe that transparency is relevant when it comes to sustainability. That is why we have committed to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). It guarantees that a product is produced ecologically and under social criteria throughout the entire production chain.


With our products, we want to give the little ones safe and indispensable play friends by their side. For the well-being of the whole family and for parents who want to experience child-friendly and sustainable design in a natural way in their modern lifestyle.


Truly Organic | 100% organic cotton, FSC-certified
wood, natural rubber and recycled materials.

Safe for children | Natural, non chemically dyed
materials without harmful substances.

We care | Eco-friendly and socially responsible
manufacturing along the entire production chain.

GOTS-certified | Global Organic Textile Standard is one of the world's most demanding processing standard for organic textiles.

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