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Transparency at all levels

Nachhaltigkeit und Transparenz - kikadu truly organic

Values & Standards

Kikadu GmbH is committed to help more sustainable fabrics and toys find their way from the fields into people’s homes. With our products, we would like to create more useful and meaningful things for people, children and our wonderful planet.
A holistic, customer-oriented, and self-responsible approach drives our actions in every respect. On the basis of sustainable production processes and the conservation of our environment, we develop organic textiles and toys for the future of our children.
For us, customer orientation also means the long-term added-value of our products. We don’t only want to put a smile into children’s faces, our goal is also to secure resources for their future - with actions that show responsibility.
Together with our partners in agriculture, processing and trade, we want to offer trustworthy and long-lasting solutions.

Our sustainability efforts


When it comes to the products offered by kikadu, we act in harmony with humankind, animals and nature. That is our contribution to make this world a better place. Day after day, kikadu proves that the connection between ecology, economy and social responsibility can work - without having to sacrifice anything. We are longing to use up fewer resources than those which can naturally grow again, and we also want to collect, recycle and value raw materials.


We don’t produce anywhere in the world, but we have deliberately decided on one factory in Sri Lanka that has become kikadu’s partner. This allows us to provide the greatest amount of transparency possible and produce toys that are not only really fun - but that are also produced in a fair manner.

Our workers in Sri Lanka get approx. 3.5 to 4 times the minimum wage - plus we offer family-compatible working hours. The children receive vouchers so that they can attend kindergarten and school.
Learn more about our factory at http://dsl-toys.com


Take a very close look - especially when the safety of your children is concerned. That’s why we don’t have anything to hide:

  • Our certified fabrics are produced in India - at a factory that we chose ourselves. The designs were created by kikadu in Germany.

  • The natural rubber we use comes from Sri Lanka and is processed right on-site - without any additional transport routes.

  • In our sewing room in Sri Lanka, these materials are processed to become our sustainable kikadu products. Every single item is created by one seamstress or sewer only; hence, it is able to tell its very own story.


  • The filling material is created from recycled PET bottles. This does not only reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. PET is a better alternative to natural filling materials, because the latter tend to dry poorly and, in turn, develop mold.

  • On the way to Europe, we work together with environmentally friendly logistics companies, and we compensate our carbon footprint.

  • Our favorite pieces are stored in Stuttgart.

    We are transparent on all levels, and we are here to answer your questions.
    Write us: info@kikadu.de

kikadu Flamingo als Lieblingsstück


Our toys and accessories are processed with lots of love for details - and under fair working conditions. In today’s “throw-away society,” we focus on your children’s favorite pieces - made for both durability and long-term fun.

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  • 2017



    Global Organic Textile Standard

    We are driving our commitment to the next level: Our whole value-added chain is being audited by independent organizations.

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  • 2017

    Work at kikadu

    Socially responsible and fair


    We have deliberately chosen a sewing room in Sri Lanka. We’re paying 3.5 times the average salary and offer schooling, and we offer day care for families and their children.

  • 2016



    European safety norm

    We guarantee that we do not use dangerous toxic substances in our toys. There is no reason to worry when your child is playing with kikadu toys.

  • 2016


    kikadu GmbH

    Here we come..!

    Three textile experts with considerable experience start a cooperation and set up kikadu GmbH - for more sustainability and fairness when it comes to making children’s fashion.

kikadu - truly organic

for parents and children who experience Natural Design. 

Our design is made for children and their parents: modern, sustainable and fair.  

Sustainability means to earn a reasonable amount of money - along the whole value-added chain. kikadu incorporates a bit of sweetness into current design in terms of form and color, is suitable for children, tested according to European norms (EN71), and it is “truly organic.”

Our toys and accessories are made with lots of love for details - and they are manufactured under fair working conditions. They are made to be durable and for your child to be able to enjoy them for a long time – many may become your children’s favorite pieces. That is what we call “slow toys.”

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