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Our passion - experiencing natural design.

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kikadu - truly organic

Our design is for kids and their parents – modern, sustainable, fair: During the production process at kikadu we act in harmony with humans, animals and the environment. This is our contribution towards a better world. Day after day, kikadu proves that ecology, economy and social commitment can actually work together without sacrificing quality. We recycle and reuse waste material because want to use fewer resources than can regrow. Our toys and accessories are produced under fair working conditions with great attention to detail and are made for a long life as a favorite Piece.

More about our quality

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• Our certified fabrics come from a production in India. The designs were developed by us.

• Our certified materials come from a manufacturing facility in India. The designs are developed by us.

• Our natural rubber is extracted and processed in Sri Lanka.

• In Sri Lanka it is manufactured into our products. Each individual piece is finished by a sewer. Each product tells a unique story, which you can read on our Website.

• Our filling materials are made from recycled PET bottles and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are a better alternative to natural fillers that are not properly dried and tend to mold.

• We work with environmentally friendly transport companies to deliver our products to Europe and compensate for our CO2 emissions.

• Our favorite pieces are stored in Stuttgart (Germany).

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We know our factory

We don´t produce our goods in any random place. After careful consideration, we chose a factory in Sri Lanka to be our partner. That way, we can ensure the best possible transparency and produce toys that really are fun.
We pay our employees in Sri Lanka a salary that is about 3.5-4x over the minimum wage and offer family-friendly working hours. In addition, our employees receive kindergarten and school vouchers for their children.

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Einhorn Kollektion von kikadu truly organic


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Einhorn Kollektion von kikadu truly organic


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Einhorn Kollektion von kikadu truly organic


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kikadu Kollektion - Flamingo & Federn


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Useful helpers for your home.

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