No drama with the lama... 

The lama collection is entirely dedicated to the lama and his little plant friend, the cactus. The collection consists of high-quality organic toys, accessories and lifestyle products. With captivates with beautifully warm colors in cream, mint, mustard, gray and petrol and sets color highlights in pink and dark blue.

Cuddling Pillow Lama

The large 'Cuddling Pillow Lama' is the perfect cuddle and playmate. With its attractive design, beautiful colors and size, it will quickly find a place in the heart of the little ones, in the nursery and certainly on the family sofa, because no one can resist this cuddly pillow.



No Drama Lama 

Our little 'No Drama Lama' gives a lot of safety and security, because it is always there for the little ones and lets worries simply disappear. Well packed, in the small saddlebag, you can store your worries and fears and have a friend and companion who carries them for you.

Lama Musicals

Other highlights are our large lama musical Boy & Girl. Musical, cuddle partner and teething ring: The Musicals not only sound good, they are also a real eye-catcher. The design in warm colors is a clever accessory, as fits in every crib. The cute necklaces of the lamas also serve as teething rings and soothe the little ones in addition to the gentle sounds of the musicals. 


We make no compromises - neither in the materials nor in the safety and fairness of the manufacture of our products.

100% organic cotton, FSC/PEFC certified wood, natural rubber and recycled materials.

Natural, non-chemically dyed materials without sheep substances

Environmentally friendly and socially responsible manufacturing along the entire production process

All textile products certified by the globally recognized Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Long-lasting and sustainable childhood companions also for further generations