Hanging Bassinet 

A real eye-catcher for all interior design lovers!

With its sophisticated design and natural fabrics of the highest quality, the kikadu hanging bassinet makes all baby and parent's hearts beat faster! It meets all the requirements of a high-quality baby cradle and accompanies children safely and reassuringly through the first months.





The hanging bassinet, with exceptional macramé knotting art, is made by hand in India by talented craftswomen. Each piece is unique.



Provides the familiar feeling in mommy's womb

The calm and gliding movements of the baby cradle give baby security and stimulate the senses - just like life in mommy's tummy. It simply feels comfortable and secure.

Removable inlet made of GOTS certified cotton

With a removable inlet made of GOTS certified organic cotton, the hanging bassinet is designed to function as both a soothing cocoon and out into the open space. With the inelt, it is also protected from view and drafts, and it likewise prevents babies from reaching through the pretty macramé weave. 



Mattress made from carefully selected materials

The mattress is from Träumeland(R), it is made exclusively in Austria from carefully selected materials. Underneath the mattress is a wooden board. So the baby does not lie too soft and it feels comfortable all around.   

We make no compromises - neither in the materials nor in the safety and fairness of the manufacture of our products.

100% organic cotton, FSC/PEFC certified wood, natural rubber and recycled materials.

Natural, non-chemically dyed materials without sheep substances

Environmentally friendly and socially responsible manufacturing along the entire production process

All textile products certified by the globally recognized Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Long-lasting and sustainable childhood companions also for further generations